Super X-Fi Entering New Market after Historic Win at CES 2019

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10 ‘Best-of’ Accolades amid Overwhelming Response from Hundreds of Media Trigger Huge Interest from OEM Partners

SINGAPORE - 14 January 2019 - Creative Technology crossed the finish line at CES 2019 achieving its best awards showing ever, with Super X-Fi Headphone Holography scoring 10 awards from the world’s leading consumer electronics media in a convincing manner.

These awards are:

  1. AVS Forum ‘Best of CES 2019’
  2. TechRadar Awards 2019 ‘CES Top Pick’
  3. Overclock ‘Best of CES 2019’
  4. ‘SoundGuys Best of CES Award’
  5. Eteknix ‘Best of CES 2019’
  6. Android Authority ‘Best Audio of CES 2019’
  7. PC World ‘Best of CES 2019’ (for SXFI AIR)
  8. PC World ‘Best of CES 2019’ (for SXFI THEATER)
  9. Aktualne ‘Best of CES 2019’
  10. Tech Buyer’s Guide ‘Best of CES 2019 (Personal Audio)’

“10 awards?! Wow!! What to say... I’m speechless! We are truly, truly honored and incredibly ecstatic! A big ‘Thank you’ to all the supportive media. The honor really belongs to the Super X-Fi team. They have worked insanely hard to achieve this unheard-of and ‘near-perfect’ score of 10 awards for a single technology. It’s like winning an unprecedented number of Oscars for a single movie”, said Sim Wong Hoo, CEO of Creative Technology.

This breakthrough technology, which accomplished the seemingly impossible feat of recreating the soundstage of a multi-speaker surround system in a pair of headphones, has truly captured the imagination of many at CES 2019. This innovation has evidently attained far-reaching endorsement, which is personified by the rare achievement of one technology single-handedly winning these many awards at CES, where typically even the most inventive of innovations win less than a handful of awards.

Word had spread fast amongst the visitors following the worldwide launch of Super X-Fi, and the Creative showcase room was inundated with walk-in requests for the demo sessions, which were mostly at full house right up to the last day of the event. Many major news media, such as CNN, ABC, Yahoo! News, Die Welt, Czech News Center, Straits Times, Business Times and Channel NewsAsia attended and were as blown away as everybody else.

Amongst the many audio enthusiasts and experts who attended, most admitted that while they were initially skeptical on the veracity of Super X-Fi’s claims; after the demo sessions, they found themselves making remarks like ‘simply mind-blowing’, ‘easily the best demo of all’, ‘I’m not going back to normal headphone audio’, ‘I’m getting goosebumps’, ‘This is witchcraft!’. Some of them came wanting to debunk what they felt were hyperbolic claims, but admitted after the demo that these claims were in fact ‘understated’.

The strong interest was not lost on other players in the audio industry, with visits from a few major players.

“Others are trying to enter this space and are copying our marketing ideas. As imitation is the best form of flattery, I welcome all these attempts. Actually, such buzz serves to educate the market, telling more people headphone audio is wrong or unnatural. And only Super X-Fi can give you the real thing here and now,” said Sim.

Super X-Fi Enters OEM Market
In the immediate aftermath, Creative announced that it will be entering the OEM market aiming to bring Super X-Fi solutions to a much larger pool of users.

“This unprecedented sweep of awards amid overwhelmingly positive response from all the media attendees and OEM partners has accelerated our plans to enter the OEM market immediately. In fact, many large OEM partners are pushing us to integrate Super X-Fi onto their products as soon as possible. This will be an exciting new phase for us, as the OEM market is potentially hundreds of times larger than the market for Creative’s Super X-Fi products,” added Sim.

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