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Have to admit I'm a little jealous here.  When I was at Computex 2018 MSI had just launched the X399 MEG for Threadripper and I was very impressed with not only the motherboard but the pack of accessories.  One notable is the M.2 expansion board allowing you to run M.2 drives and not impact board locations for other expansion cards like the all important 4-Way graphic card setups that NVIDIA refuses to support and capture cards.

From the elite family of products dubbed MEG (MSI Enthusiast Gaming) comes another cutting-edge board with unique features and accessories. The MEG X299 CREATION is yet another board that promises to go above and beyond, so I took the review and turned it to 11.

MSI has been really good about including "auto overclocking" support with all of their motherboards with the latest version being a performance dial which, you guessed it, goes to 11.

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