Funky Kit Review - Ballistix Sport LT 64GB DDR4-3200 White Memory

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Ok so I have seen quite a few different memory module colors from red memory, blue, black and silver.  PCBs are usually green though some companies do black and I have a set of modules with a red PCB.  (damn sexy if you ask me)

However, in all my years I don't recall a white memory module that wasn't modded by someone.  Well, prove me wrong and say it to my face. 

We have white memory!  And.. from Crucial of all companies. happy smile

Today we will take a closer look at the refreshed line of already popular Ballistix Sport LT memory series. Besides higher frequency and lower latency, we can also see higher capacity memory modules. Ballistix made a reliable option for all users who need all at once so high memory capacity and high performance which will also work on all available platforms.

The claim from Funky Kit is "a high overclocking potential" and they didn't disappoint.  In fact I was able to push similar modules well beyond the 4000Mhz reported in their review and hit 4266Mhz and 4533 with no trouble.

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