AMD announces next-generation products at Computex 2019

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What an amazing KeyNote from AMD during Computex 2019.  By the time I get to posting this bit of news I'm sure EVERYONE will have gotten all the juicy specs.  If not, head on over to Digitimes, they have captured everything you'll need to know.

AMD has announced high-performance 7nm-based computing and graphics products. During her Computex keynote today, AMD president and CEO Lisa Su announced a range of products including the new Zen 2 core, the 3rd Gen Ryzen desktop processor family, the X570 chipset for socket AM4, RDNA gaming architecture, and the 7nm Radeon RX 5700-series gaming graphics card family.

The Zen 2 core widely outperforms the historical generational performance improvement industry trend, up to 15% estimated instructions per clock (IPC) uplift over the predecessor Zen" architecture, according to AMD. The Zen 2 CPU core powering the next-generation Ryzen and EPYC processors also includes design improvements including lager cache sizes and a redesigned floating point engine.

On a related note I'll be posting my own take on the announcement shortly.

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