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So, there are fans and then there are FANS.  While they both "blow" there is a difference between the two.  One one hand you have a fan that any YouTube channel will love, they can put paper strips on the fan and show that it moves air from one location to another.

On the other hand you have FANS, these are manly fans, no offence to womenly fans as some of them can be just as powerful and loud however, we need fans with blemishes and big blades and who are not afraid to get their gears wet or call each other dude and kiss the fins of a finely crafted radiator for a lifetime of servatude.

We are talking, of course, about the EK Meltemi.  Or as the name suggests a fine wine you have at the race track.

EK Water Blocks adds to their fan portfolio with the massive 38 mm thick Meltemi. Available in their -ER (extended range) version, the EK-Meltemi aims to take their popular Vardar fan as a base and build upon it with a bigger, badder motor, and promises high static pressure optimization for PC DIY water cooling.

All jokes aside, this fan is pretty darn impressive BUT..

I have seen better.

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