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So here is a handy trick. Send out a press release for a product review and put in the body of the message "Terrible, Do Not Buy" and you are almost guaranteed to get "someone" to read your article.
For me I was curious as to "why" TechPowerUp is saying that as it wasn't so clear in the opening paragraphs.  So after flipping through the 100's of benchmarks I think I figured it out.

The drive is slow when you make it do a bunch of stuff.

And, according to their historical charts the only drive slower (in most situations) is the Crucial BX500  This is a drive I reviewed a year ago and found it to be pretty good until you started asking it to do "Random" things.  Interestingly enough that is what TechPowerUp is testing with the Samsung, and kept doing to hammer it home.

The Samsung 870 QVO is the company's new QLC-based SSD that reaches capacities of up to 8 TB. In our Samsung 870 QVO review we're taking a close look not only at synthetics, but also real-life performance, which is surprisingly weak, especially considering they want $115 for the reviewed 1 TB variant.

I'm not sure total cost should be a decision point considering that 1TB of SSD storage is about $100USD but, I can totally understand the distain for a drive that should perform better and doesn't.

It now makes me wonder if other reviewers noticed the same thing.  Esp considering that Samsung doesn't send me anything sad smile

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