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One of the most iconic motherboards I have ever reviewed was the MSI X99A Godlike.  I talk about this quite often because it was not only a highlight of Computex but changed the face of enthusaist hardware forever.  One thing that made the X99A Godlike so great is that nobody else had anything like it. 

Sadly, with the Z490 motherboard release it seems everyone shared their pre-production notes.

In this review, we look at the MSI MEG Z490 Godlike. Priced at $749 MSI delivers where most premium Z490 motherboard that has been loaded with features and then some. Animated OLED screen, 10 Gbit LAN, 2.5 Gbit Lan, AX WIFI, and looks that make this board seem like James Bond himself.

I'm not sure I would place the Z490 Godlike at the level of James Bond but I will admit it does come with all the bells, whistles and OLED screens you could ever want.

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