Funky Kit Review - Silicon Power A62 2TB USB 3.2 Gaming HDD

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With new gaming consoles coming out gamers are once again concerned with how and where they will get their games.  Gone are the days where you could buy the DVD and be happy with your purchase and instead you download what you need and store it locally.

But, what happens when you fill up your console?  Maybe go get a job?, go outside? find a signafigante other?  Honestly, these are all great options but, I think Funky Kit and Silicon Power have a solution.

USB storage.  Yes, you heard it here first, you can plug in an external storage device and get gamer ready storage.  I mean, ya, that isn't new at all. *roll*

The Silicon Power A62 2TB USB 3.2 Gaming HDD  is a fast external HDD that offers high capacity and quiet operation. It's a perfect drive if we are looking for cost-effective storage for streaming or content creation. Considering all the advantages, the Stream S07 6TB External HDD is recommended by FunkyKit! 

I am impressed with the 2TB storage option or maybe even a 6TB drive.  That is until someone gives it a short drop with a sudden stop. 

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