Already had coffee today? Get your own Alphacool coffee mug!

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Coffee, tea, cocoa - or would you prefer a cold drink? This product can do more. The Alphacool mug is the perfect companion for every day. This great must-have is not only for enthusiasts. All Alphacool fans can enjoy their favorite drink in line with the company's philosophy of "Smart and efficient". In combination with coffee, the mug ensures a good start into the day.

The design of the mug captivates with its clean looks in the Alphacool style. The deep black glaze contrasts visually with the excellent beautiful and bright technical drawings, which show some products of the new Core series. The ergonomically designed handle provides enough comfort to safely lift the Alphacool mug and prevent your hand from burning on the hot mug body.

The Alphacool mug is available now in the online store.


  • Volume: 375ml
  • Material: ceramic
  • Color: black


  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Cocoa

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