Valve Is Reportedly Working On A Steam Update That Lets You Hide Your Sex Games

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Ok, so I can imagine how this feature went down.

  • Valve: We have starting to catalog quite a number of "adult" games but, nobody is buying them?  Lets ask some of our customers.
  • Customer: Oh I would totally buy ALL the adult games you have but, I'm not a fan of how Steam will let everyone know that I'm playing a pervy game title and logged over 300 hours.  You know, how Steam is,
  • Valve: That broadcast is to promote people to buy the game and allows your friends to watch you play. It is an awesome feature!
  • Customer: ....
  • Valve: So, you are saying we need to start respecting that some people want to be private?
  • Customer: That would be nice

And guess what?!?

According to Djundik's post, once a user marks a game as private, it will be hidden from their friends, thus permitting them to play Koikatsu Party to their heart's content and far away from prying eyes. That said, this feature isn't limited to games with, ahem, adult themes. For those ashamed of just how much time they poured into Dota 2 or Baldur's Gate 3, hiding your hours spent playing will soon be a few clicks away.

This rumored update is a drastic improvement to Steam's current privacy options, which essentially boil down to setting your profile to public, friends only, or private. Djundik also stated that Valve is working on new parental controls as well. These additions will reportedly allow users to set playtime restrictions for children, as well as prevent children from purchasing something without requesting permission first.

It would seem that the world is finally evolving how it should.  Be sure to check out the full post over at Gamespot

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