Thermaltake Announces INTEL Pre-Summer Sale with Exclusive Bundles and Discounts

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Get Ready for Summer with Exceptional Deals on High-Performance TT Gaming Pre-built Desktop PCs

Walnut, California, June 10th – Thermaltake USA, a leader in PC case, cooling, power, and memory solutions, proudly announces its INTEL Pre-Summer Sale, running from June 1 to June 30. This promotion offers exceptional deals on a selection of high-performance gaming desktops powered by INTEL® Core™ series CPUs, including the Reactor i90 - Snow, Reactor i80S - Snow, Avalanche i477T, and Reactor i460T. Each model is equipped with top-tier INTEL® Core™ processors and powerful NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4000 series graphics cards designed to deliver superior gaming experiences. The sale features exclusive bundle offers and significant discounts, such as free peripherals, memory upgrades, and substantial price reductions. This is an unparalleled opportunity for gamers and PC enthusiasts to upgrade their setups with cutting-edge Intel-powered systems, ensuring enhanced performance and reliability for all their gaming needs.

“Our collaboration with INTEL on this promotion exemplifies our commitment to the gamer community, allowing us to integrate their cutting-edge processors into our high-performance gaming desktops. The Reactor i90 - Snow, Reactor i80S - Snow, Avalanche i477T, and Reactor i460T are prime examples of this synergy, offering unparalleled power and efficiency. These systems, available at exceptional prices during our INTEL Pre-Summer Sale, provide an excellent opportunity for our customers to enhance their gaming experience with the latest INTEL technology," said Michael Guo, Vice President of Thermaltake USA.

Promotional Highlights:

  1. Reactor i90 – Snow
  2. Reactor i80S – Snow
  3. Avalanche i477T
  4. Reactor i460T

Thermaltake's INTEL Pre-Summer Sale presents an excellent opportunity to upgrade to cutting-edge gaming desktops. Each system is engineered for superior performance and features INTEL’s latest processors and high-end components, ensuring an exceptional gaming experience.

Backed by the Thermaltake USA warranty, the TT Gaming desktop PCs are now readily available for purchase on the Thermaltake webstore and Amazon.