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  • Shuriken - SX635 AntecMod - Total Conversion
  • Shuriken - SX635 AntecMod - Total Conversion



    Conclusion - Mod Finished
    The last steps consist of re-assembly and installation of parts and such. The case was originally assembled using 1/8" pop rivets and with rivet gun in hand the re-assembly goes pretty quick. The motherboard tray did prove to be a little difficult to reattach since the case builders countersunk the rivets on the back of the case. (This was to allow side panel to slide over them when closed.) Since these types of rivets are difficult if not impossible to find a modification was in order. Using a pair of pliers I removed the nail from the pop rivet and filed the domed top of the rivet flat then angled the lower sides into a cone shape. After a trial fit for proper countersinking the nail was reinstalled and the modified rivet was snapped into place.

    Just to be different the fanbus was installed on an expansion bay cover, it still works the same with the added benefit that I can blind the person across from me at a LAN party.