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  • ShegoServer - The Green Watercooled Machine



    It has been quite awhile since I last did a mod here at Ninjalane and in an attempt to show that I haven't lost my touch it was decided that I'd build something out of the ordinary. This was to be a watercooling project that has everything completely integrated into the case. Normally a mod like this would be for a gaming or workstation machine however in this case it would become the new development server here in the Ninjalane Labs.
    You see at any given time there is at least 4 computers running in the Ninjalane Labs and 2 of them are home built servers.

    - The first is a Pentium II 333 running Slackware Linux. It was initially setup to be a firewall and router for the internal network though has been doing double duty as a secondary web and fileserver.

    - The second server is a Dual Pentium III 450 running Windows 2000 and happens to be the workhorse of the lab. This server acts as the primary development machine for Ninjalane and several other client projects, and while it does sit idle for the majority of the time it does get hammered on occasion and tends to show its age.
    The intent of this mod is to replace this machine with something quiet, fast, and cool. Over the years I have acuminated quite a bit of "extra" hardware including a complete Innovatek watercooling kit, several computer cases of various sizes, several Pentium 4 478 pin processors and quite a few motherboards, video cards etc. so finding hardware isn't a problem its just a question of what hardware to use and what features do I want to support. Generally speaking servers tend to get overlooked in the enthusiast market despite having superior hardware in both power and reliability though when it comes to home office servers you typically get the hand me downs of the people working in the office. In this case it only seems fitting to use ex-enthusiast hardware for this project.