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    After seeing some of my case mods a good friend of mine asked what could be done to his new computer to make it run cooler. He had recently purchased a Abit VP6 (our review of this board can be seen here) and 2 PIII 866 processors. The processors are of the retail variety which come with their own heatsink and fan. These coolers do their job and are very quiet. Unfortunately they are not very efficient if the case temperature is too high.
    The task was was simple, to create a "stock" looking case mod that maximized case venting.

    Here is what we had to work with. The case is another fine product from A word of caution if you are searching for a new case. Ask if the case has de-burred edges! you will save yourself a lot of pain and bandages in the long run. This case was one of the sharpest cases I have ever had the opportunity of putting my hands into.
    Here is a side shot.
    The first thing we need to do is take everything out of the case. This gives us room to work and protects our investment in components. The naked case you see here is how we recommend that your case looks when attempting any modification. Metal chunks and computer parts do not mix.