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    Reassembly and Conclusion

    Once all of the holes have been cut we are ready to assemble. The top and front fans are pretty simple to install they each had a 4-pin power connector and just needed to be plugged in. The two 92mm fans however needed some special treatment. We wired both fans together so that there was only one power lead feeding them both. You can see the leftover 4-pin connector at the top.
    When wiring the fans together we choose to do make parallel connection. This means that the positive wires on one fan are matched with positive wires on the other, vice-versa for the negatives. This also renders the best fan performance. If we choose to try and quiet the fans down a little we could have wired them in series. This is when the positive wire from one fan connects to the negative wire of the other. This has a profound effect on speakers and amplifiers so I would suspect the same would be true for fans.
    The front panel did need some help, using the Dremel tool we cut away at some of the plastic giving some room for air to flow. Keep in mind that this mod is to resemble "stock" design so whenever possible so whatever mods we make are discreet and/or covered.
    After putting everything back together and applying a coat of paint to the side panel that we scratched up I would say this mod has been a success.
    You might have noticed eariler that the fan grills that we choose where black. We found a vendor on the web that sold these and figured they would be perfect for this application.

    As you can see from the photo the stealth design idea works and the case looks like it came from the factory that way.