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    Once everything has been laid out we can get to the really fun stuff. Cutting! First we broke out the Dremel tool and started cutting out the upper and lower 80mm fan holes.
    We started with the front fan. Since this hole was going to be covered there really wasn't a need to make it pretty. We did have fun with the sparks too.
    Cutting the top fan opening was a bit more time consuming. This case had a beveled edge that didn't quite extend the full diameter of the 80mm fan. So as not to cut too much away we decided to only remove the beveled edge and then grinding away the rest. This didn't take too long since the metal was of a fairly thin gauge. Here are some photos of the progress.
    When the trimming was complete we installed a broken fan and grill to check the fit. As you can see we over estimated the actual size.
    Now for the side panel. The next two cuts went very quick with the aid of this heavy duty drill and the hole saw I used in my last mod.
    We tried not to scratch up the paint on the other side but the hole saw has a nasty tendency to grab what you are cutting.