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  • Cooler Master Storm Sniper Case Review
  • Cooler Master Storm Sniper Case Review


    Case Layout & Features Cont.

    The CM Storm Sniper is sticking with the same design that they started a while ago which features the power supply sitting at the bottom of the case. The PSU pulls cool air from the bottom of the case to help cool its internals and then exhausts it outside of the case. This also helps keep any kind of heat produced by the PSU to a minimum inside the case.
    The Cable Lock
    Now this is one super awesome feature for the LAN Party goers out there. The area show here is like an expansion card slot but allows you secure any loose cables (mouse, keyboard, headphone, game pad)  to the case.  The lock is then screwed into the case and cannot be removed unless the case is opened and/or destroyed. With this feature Cooler Master is giving us peace of mind that when we leave our systems for a snack or bathroom break our expensive gear will remain with the case and guard against the random Mr/Ms sticky fingers who we know are present at just about every LAN event.
    CM Storm Sniper continues with some of the newer case trends out there and has included passive cooling slots on the expansion card covers. These slots allow air to flow in and out between the installed cards and help cool this normally a very hot area.
    Here is another tool less area on the CM Storm Sniper. The expansion card area has plastic holder that keep the card secured to the case while in transportation. The Cooler Master design of these holders is better than most for they not only grip from under the card they also lock into the screw hole on the case. This is a much better design then some of the others that we have seen here at Ninjalane as most are simply not secure enough.
    Did we mention that the CM Storm Sniper has some tool less options? Well here is another place you will not need a screwdriver for. The hard drive holders are easy to install with a little bit of work. The holders are made of plastic and bend around the hard drive with rubber grommets to help keep the drive vibration down. Overall it is a good system, but it does leave some room for improvement.
    Once the drive is secured into the holder it is an easy slide into the hard drive cage area.  The large hinge on the front of the drive bay locks the drive into place. This is a very secure and safe fit for the LAN Party soldier moving their systems to and from the war zone.