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  • Lian Li V1010 Case Review
  • Lian Li V1010 Case Review


    New features

    Also new for the LianLi V1010 is the 140mm front intake fan which pulls air in over the six hard drive bays housed in the lower section of the case. It features a washable filter and is held in place with two thumbscrews making for easy cleaning.

    The lower area also holds the PSU and comes with a new feature, a Thumbscrew type tensioner that holds the PSU down into the padded lower rest to dampen any vibrations. It is accompanied by the anti vibration hard drive and chassis kit which combine to help keep the case free of annoying rattles or humming.

    The V1010 has a video card support post which also holds a 120mm chipset fan. This fan is angled to move air towards the Ram slots and Northbridge which is then exhausted by the 120mm rear exhaust fan ensuring adequate cooling for those areas.
    The case fans are controlled by a three position fan controller built in to the back of the case right above the 120mm exhaust fan.  The controller offers the following speed settings.

    Even with the fans running at the highest setting the case is nearly silent. The controller supports three fans (although the pc board has four circuits?).  From the factory the controller is set to medium and is wired to the two installed fans..

    The instruction manual is very informative and full of photo's explaining the features of the case.  There is also a small advertisement for some accessories that Lian Li sells such as windowed doors and replacement tops with fan cutouts etc. They also carry a wide range of replacement parts and fan controllers.
    Included Goodies
     Lian Li includes a large white box with the V1010 which contains numerous items for finishing your case. The included items are pictured below which include the 120mm chipset fan, various screws, washers and other required components.  “Tires” for the aluminum wheels and an extension cable for the CPU power, and graphics card support braces.  (These help to support your video card and prevent damage when you’re moving your chassis around).

    LianLi also included a small plastic box to store the remaining screws, washers etc.