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  • Lian Li V1010 Case Review
  • Lian Li V1010 Case Review


    More details

    On the top front of the case you will find a small almost invisible door that conceals the most often needed ports such as an E-SATA, Firewire and four USB ports.  You also get headphone and microphone jacks. The door flips up nicely and stays up until you close it. Being placed on the top of the case makes it nice for those with their cases on the floor, but not so good for those of us who have our desktops on our desks.
    Lian Li has included wheels on several models now and I must say I love them; it makes the case standout nicely as well as allows for good airflow from under the case. The wheels also come with a brake to keep it parked where you need it and tires to keep from marring up surfaces.

    The PSU area has some holes in the floor however the remainder of the bottom is smooth with no holes like previous models.

    Note the screws for removing the drive bays.(no more drilling out rivets).
    If you like what you see here and would like more information as well as some excellent hi res photo's please visit the product page for Lian Li V1010.  You’ll also find accessories and optional parts to finish off your case exactly the way you want it, and after all that is why you build your own rigs right?