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  • Thermalright AXP-140 Heatsink Review
  • Thermalright AXP-140 Heatsink Review



    Fan installation is rather simple, 2 spring loaded clips hold the fan in place.  We choose a 120mm fan for this review and it fits perfectly into the mounting grooves.  While you can likely install a 140mm fan it will clearly not fit very well.
    The bottom of the heatsink is actually not smooth or polished at all.  There are extremely small grooves that cover the entire surface.  While this is a little unorthodox in terms of what we normally see in heatsinks we didn't actually see were this was an issue in overall performance.
    Mounting Hardware
    The standard AXP-140 comes with hardware mounts for the 775 processor platform.  For our review we're planning to test on the Core i7 and required a different mounting kit.  On the surface the kit looks very similar and works exactly the same.  The only different is in size.

    775 - Left / 1366 - Right
    We did have issues with the kit not seating properly and allowing the heatsink to move.  To resolve this we placed a small piece of cardboard between the top mounting bracket and heatsink base to help tighten things up.  Another option would be to bend the legs slightly but the cardboard was faster.