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  • CoolJag CJC66IC Review
  • CoolJag CJC66IC Review



    CooJag is a Taiwanese heatsink company that specializes in skived fin heatsinks. For those of you that do not know, the process of skiving is rather involved but basically entails slicing fins from a solid metal block to create a heatsink. The fins remain connected so you get a direct metal connection that translates into better cooling. I have been told that skiving is one of the more economical ways to create a heatsink so the process has really become quite popular.
    Here we have the CoolJag CJC66IC, the whole unit is fairly simple in design. The unit features a rather large copper heatsink with a thermally controlled "Smart" fan. The heatsink itself has a smooth base with 4 large openings along the outer edges. These openings increase airflow by allowing high velocity heated air to move past the heatsink and into the area below.
    The base of the heatsink is actually rather thick which can be looked at in a couple of different ways. The first would be negative by saying that the heatsink is very heavy and rather difficult to cool. Though in a positive light you can pump tons of heat into this heatsink and still expect your system to be relatively stable. The deciding factor is in how the heat is removed.
    The fan on the CJC66IC is a thermally controlled (smart) fan made by Everflow. This fan is rated to spin between 1300 and 6000rpm though it only reached 4700rpm during the benchmark testing.
    One of the most unique things about the CJC66IC is the cool retention system. The design consists of two metal levers that control the clipping arms on each side. When activated, the arms are pulled up and together thus locking the unit down. Unlike other Pentium 4 heatsinks you don't need to attach the clips before the unit is tightened down, it does it automagically.
    Despite the sheer size of the CoolJag CJC66IC the complete unit is very compact and well thought out. As you can see the skiving process leaves one side of the fin very smooth while the other side has a slight texture. The texture aids in heat transfer by increasing the overall surface area. Granted this doesn't appear to be much but once multiplied across all fins the addition is rather significant.