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  • Thermalright XWB-01 Waterblock Review
  • Thermalright XWB-01 Waterblock Review



    Thermalright has a very ingenious method for installing the XWB-01 which supports the 3 major platforms,  Intel 775, Athlon64, and Athlon64 AM2.  The installation kit comes with all you see here.  Mounting plate (universal), reinforcement plate (for Intel 775), 3 sets of installation screws + springs, thermal paste, and 2 hose clamps (which will not fit on 3/4” OD hoses.)
    Installation is simple
    Step 1, place the reinforcement plate under the motherboard and align with the mounting holes,

    Step 2, apply thermal paste and set the waterblock into place

    Step 3, Attach the mounting plate, this fits over the waterblock in the recessed area

    Step 4, Align the mounting plate holes with the holes on the motherboard and attach the proper screws.  775 installations require the silver screws as the thread matches the back plate.  Tighten each of the 4 in a star pattern until they are snug.

    Step 5, attach hoses and leak test (at least 24 hours or however long you are comfortable with.)