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  • OCZ Reaper Triple Channel PC3 15000 6GB Memory Review
  • OCZ Reaper Triple Channel PC3 15000 6GB Memory Review


    Product Design and Features

    OCZ uses a box with blister packs inside to store all three RAM modules for shipping and retail channel sales. This is ideal since it shows of the modules nicely while providing adequate shipping protection.
    Memory specs are clearly labeled with a hologram sticker to prove they are genuine. As we can see here these OCZ Reapers are rated at PC3 15000 (or DDR3 1866) with timings at 9-9-9.

    1.65v is a typical voltage for overclocked Core i7 memory modules.
    OCZ Reapers are one of the most noticeable RAM modules on the market.  However while these modules are great to look at the increased size could cause clearance issues in some systems.  Small cases, large heatsinks, and even cables can get in the way so we suggest you take a few measurements to make sure they will fit.
    This is the third revision of the Reapers heatsink but the cooling method is the same.  The heatpipe takes heat from the module and moves it to the large detached heatsink.  This additional heatsink is positioned high enough to provide 360 degree cooling were natural airflow is best.