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  • OCZ Reaper Triple Channel PC3 15000 6GB Memory Review
  • OCZ Reaper Triple Channel PC3 15000 6GB Memory Review



    In the beginning of this review it was said that proper memory selection begins with the fasted module you can afford.  While this is true there are more things to look at than just the rated speed, timings, voltage and cooling methods all come into play, especially when you plan to overclock.

    The OCZ Reapers are designed for the system enthusiast that likes to tweak things for the best performance but worries about excess heat.  The innovative cooling solution addresses the heat issue by moving the heat load away from the source and into cooler air. 

    During our tests these modules never became warm to the touch; even after bumping the voltage up to 1.75v the modules remained cool.  This speaks to the quality of the heatspreaders and their ability to keep module temperature under control even when the memory is pushed beyond the recommended specifications.

    The only drawback to high speed memory modules is that while they do a great job up to their rated speed but anything beyond that is questionable.  For us, these Reapers were pretty much maxed out.  The rather high timings and voltage indicated this long before they hit the test bench.
    Good Things
    Great stability
    Overclocked with 1T Command Rate
    Great cooling solution
    Triple Channel Kit for i7
    Bad Things
    Additional height can interfere with certain CPU heatsinks
    Limited headroom beyond the rated speed.
    Ninjalane Rating
    OCZ Reaper Triple Channel PC3 15000 6GB Memory Review

    Silent 4 of 5

    We would like to thank OCZ for helping to make this review possible