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  • Lamptron Case Handle (CH2) Review
  • Lamptron Case Handle (CH2) Review



    There are several ways to install the Lamptron Case Handles; we’ve noted 3 in this review.  2 of them are technically correct while the 3rd version is the one we felt was the most appealing to the eye even though structurally unsound.

    (We’ll go into how to “beef up” this installation option towards the end of this section.)

    The 2 "correct" ways to install the Lamptron case handles are shown below.  You can either separate the two handles thus installing them at opposite ends of the chassis or you can place them together to form a single handle.
    The single handle option will fit most cases without issue while the split handle option may not ,depending on what is below.  In our situation the PSU and topmost 5.25” bay prevented us from using the split method. 

    These handles can also be installed on the side of your case in a similar manner as the split option above.  Just make sure to attach them using the shorter of the 2 mounting points.
    The 3rd installation method gives us the lowest profile and the widest stance of the two options above.  The only drawback to this method also applies an extra rotational force to the connection point that can (and will) easily bend the top of your chassis.  To increase the lifting strength simply bind the top of the case handles together. 

    Unfortunately hardware to do this is not included so a quick trip to the hardware store may be required.