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  • Foxconn Flaming Blade Motherboard Review
  • Foxconn Flaming Blade Motherboard Review



    The Flaming Blade with its strange naming scheme is intended to have that Ninja like spirit. The spirit of a strong fighter that will silently stalk and take out its target, then disappear into the night like it was never there. That is exactly how Foxconn built the Flaming Blade, the board is a trimmed down version of the BloodRage but only in "extra" features that many gamers rarely use.  Of course all of this translates into a lower pricetag with great performance.

    The overall design of the Flaming Blade is not hugely different from the BloodRage. Motherbord cooling is very similar and colors still remain true to the awesome Ninjalane color Scheme. Overall the board is very pleasing to the eyes, and the layout is very well thought out. We only found a few items that seemed out of place, the first being the flat vs 90 degree SATA connectors and location of the CMOS reset.  Both are minor issues and likely never noticed by most users.
    Good Things
    Outstanding overall look
    Fully featured gaming board
    Nice set of overclocking controls
    Layout supports SLI and Crossfire systems
    Awesome color scheme
    Bad Things
    Slim amount of goodies
    XMP profiles do not work properly and place setting in dangerous areas
    Active cooling would have been nice without adding to much cost
    Ninjalane Rating
    Foxconn Flaming Blade Motherboard Review

    Furious 5 of 5