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  • QNAP Network Media Player NMP-1000 Review
  • QNAP Network Media Player NMP-1000 Review



    We all have our collections of pictures, music and videos and unless you are fortunate enough to have a HTPC or your desktop hooked up to your TV those files may never get to play them on anything better than your small computer screen.  So how do you get your media files out of the office and into the living room?  Well the old way would be to burn your media files to a DVD and sneakernet them across the house.  That has never been an economical solution, not to mention the conversion takes forever.  A better solution might be a network appliance that interfaces with your home theater system and then allows you easy access to all of your media files regardless of where it may reside.

    QNAP has attempted to tackle this dilemma by taking their award winning NAS appliances and adding sound and video capability.  It is really a natural progression for a NAS product, simply take the thing that is already storing your media files and allow you to play them anywhere with a network connection.  

    In this review we will be looking at the QNAP NMP-1000 Network Media player.  This is a network appliance that not only works as a single drive QNAP NAS but allows you to play media files through your TV or computer.
    The NMP-1000 is a very compact device that resembles a standard single disk NAS unit with considerably more connections on the back.  The front of the device is extremely clean and features a single power button and navigational ring.  The center of the front panel features a digital LED readout that will display the menu and filenames that happen to be currently selected.