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  • NVidia GeForce GTX550 Ti Video Card Review
  • NVidia GeForce GTX550 Ti Video Card Review



    Early in this review we pondered the question, can the GTX 550 Ti replace the GTS 450?  Based on the benchmark numbers we would have to say that without a doubt the GTX 550 Ti would be a great replacement.  Then again nVidia assured us that the GTS450 will have a long and happy life after the GTX550Ti hits the market.  Of course we heard the same thing in relation to the GTX460 cards during the launch of the GTX560Ti, and so far that has proven to be true. So this does leave the new GTX550Ti in a strange place among the mid-range cards and gives consumers something to think about when looking for a viable upgrade.

    In terms of performance we have gotten mixed messages between older DirectX 9 and 10 games and the newer, and more demanding, DirectX 11 titles.  While we have seen that the GTX550Ti is clearly faster than the Radeon 5770 in older games that is simply not the case when it comes to DirectX 11 games where we see these cards being equal.  We have seen this before on the Radeon side which was easily resolved with a driver update.  As for older games on DirectX 9 and 10 the GTX550Ti is already very mature and a leader among the mid-range market.

    The GTX naming is often a mystery that may never get explained, but if nVidia's partners go for some big factory overclocks on these cards then the GTX name is well deserved.   As we have seen these cards have great potential for overclocking and do so without much noise or excess heat.  Combine that with an aggressive price point and we might see older GTS450 and GTX460 cards a thing of the past.
    Good Things
    Lots of overclocking headroom
    Very quiet cooling solution
    DirectX 11 ready
    192-bit with a full 1GB of RAM
    Low power usage
    Bad Things
    Performance that is only equal to the Radeon 5770
    Only allowed dual-card in SLI
    NVidia GeForce GTX550 Ti Video Card Review

    Silent 4 of 5