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  • Introducing the Multi-GPU Index


    DFI LanParty DK 790FXB

    Multi-GPU Scorecard
    Index:  6.50
    Optimized: 2x
    Max Support: 3x
    LanParty is a brand name that helped launch enthusiast level motherboards into the mainstream market with the simple idea that the vocal minority can actually sway public opinion.  In fact enthusiast sites like Ninjalane (and others) helped make LanParty motherboards a household name.  Sadly, its popularity was also its downfall.  The enthusiast public wanted the latest products right away, and while DFI tinkered and tuned their designs to the highest possible standards, the Teir 1 mobo makers were able to get competing products launched much faster and saturate the market.  By the launch of the 790FXB the writing was on the wall and DFI was on its way out of the consumer retail channel.
    Do good things come to those who wait?  According to the Multi-GPU Index they do.  There are three PCI Express slots available on this motherboard and all three can support full length video cards.  Slot one and four are both hardwired to full 16x bandwidth while slot seven is manually selectable to be either 4x or 2x.  The overall layout is obviously configured for dual card operation but three way configurations are possible.