After careful consideration I have decided to transfer all hardware review activities to a new domain.  I purchased in 2012 and have been working hard to build a new and improved Ninjalane on that domain.  If you are reading this you have reached one of the archived articles, news, projects and/or reviews that were left behind during the site migration. 

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  • About Ninjalane - Website History


    Website History Timeline 4

    June 2008
    Hard to believe it's been a year since Ninjalane v3.0 had been launched and during this time very little has changed, in fact aside from some bug fixes and minor updates to the CMS system the site has been running strong both on the web and off.  This year at Computex I decided to do something new and start making site visits after the show to better understand how hardware companies work on a day to day basis.  This year DFI and Silverstone made the short list.
    January 2008
    Search engines get some special treatment
    Over the years Ninjalane was never really optimized for search engine visibility, in fact I relied mostly on having unique content to give the website content what it need to rank well and provide me with search results.  It wasn't until after a discussion with a fellow site owner and good friend that I realized that some major changed needed to be made.  Ninjalane v1 had only the basic search engine optimizations and the site did well with google results.  Ninjalane v2 took a huge step backwards in terms of search engines because at the time it was regarded that Google was a content engine and didn't look at keywords or description tags.  When Ninjalane v3 was launched the code was mostly ported over with a new skin and layout. 

    Bottom line some changes needed to be made and fast.  SEO isn't rocket science and after some research a separate application was written to help with the SEO effort thus adding to the basic Ninjalane CMS package.
    March 11, 2009
    Ninjalane and social networking.  Social networking has been growing in popularity long before 2009 and it was decided to try and expand the readership and join Facebook.  It was at this same time that a MySpace account was also created.  MySpace is more than dead but Facebook shows some promise.
    March 25, 2009
    Ninjalane on twitter.  Twitter is one of those things that you either love it or you hate it.  Myself I'm not a fan, it's too much work for little return but the future is still bright.
    October 10, 2009
    Happy Birthday! cool smileapprove smile

    Woo! Party time excellent!!  10 Years! Yes that is right has been online for 10 Years! w00t w00t  It has been a crazy rollercoaster ride that's for sure.  Looking back there are things I would have changed, some more dedication here, some different decisions there but had I did I might not be celebrating the same way.

    In the end I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me over the years, you all have been great.  I would also like to digitally express a huge middle finger to those who snubbed me.  I cannot say if the site will be around for another 10 years but the future is looking bright.
    As of this writing there has not been an official 10 Year Anniversary party however one has been scheduled to coincide with the first article posting which happens around June.  So stay tuned for the party details it should be a blast.

    Article update: Everything from this point forward is new as of February 6, 2011 
    Thanks for reading!