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To be honest, I am suprised to see that Thermalright is still building coolers.  Back in the day the Thermalright Venomous X Heatsink was my all time favorite cooler.  It had a solid feel and excellent performance.  I like it so much in fact that I adapted it for use on X79 when it only had mounting hardware for X58.

Thermalright looks to impress with the True Spirit 140 Direct; long name, exceptional results. This ultra-quiet tried and "True" design now utilizes HDT technology for improved cooling performance.

By the looks of it the True Spirit is a tamed down version of their flagship mega coolers that were not only "kinda ugly" but also difficult to install due to their size.  This one is quite a bit smaller and more along the lines to what you would get with a Hyper 212 with a 140mm fan.

It might be time to hit up Thermalright again and see what they can send over.

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