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The MSI Lightning was really the first purpose built video card for overclocking.  It always featured a custom cooler, factory "hot clock" and in most cases a revised design that allowed it to run better at the higher speeds.

It would seem that at Computex MSI will unveil a 10th anniversary edition of the 2080Ti Lightning and I hope it lives up to the hype.

At Computex 2019 starting in a week or two, MSI will release a 10th Anniversary Lighting edition of their graphics cards. Ten years of releasing graphics card made for the more enthusiast crowd as well as overclockers., Beefed up VRM designs, supporting overclocking software that could push the card a bit more (even despite NVIDIA did not always like that), yeah it has been a wild ride.

Maybe one of the biggest issues with the Lightning (and other purpose built video cards) is availability.  Mfgs are timid when it comes to building these expensive cards due to the increased costs and reduced margins.  Of course the biggest issue on top of that is the consumer and how the market has shifted from actually wanting to build a PC to "what the 'F---' is a PC?"

You also have to factor in pressure from Nvidia to "lock the chips down" to prevent costly RMA returns (again because of consumers) or just to flex their market dominance.

Guru3D has all of the MSI Lightning cards shown in a single article and to be honest it brings a tear to my eye.

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