World’s First Puzzle-like Modular PowerStrip Offers 50% Off Pre-Launch Special on Indiegogo

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Taiwan manufacturer introduces their flagship innovation with big discount

Taipei, Taiwan, January 12, 2022 – Innfact has announced a 50% discount off their innovative product – Krait – for individuals who sign up during the pre-launch of their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. People who tap into this deal will be early owners of the first puzzle-like modular power strip to be created. The discount will be available until January 14, 2022, and Innfact will officially launch the product on January 15, 2022. 

Innfact designed the world’s first modular power strip to provide safer, reliable, and faster charging for laptops, tablets, and all sorts of gadgets. Krait comprises three main modules: the source power puzzle, the AC puzzle, and the DC puzzle. It supports three AC outlets, two USB-C, and two USB-A ports. Each module can be detached and attached separately, depending on the user’s need. The total power support of Krait is as much as 1650W, and the product comes with an intelligent overloaded shutdown function to protect the Krait and your devices.

Krait Modular PowerStrip is designed to minimize clutter at work or home. The manufacturers intentionally made it for those who have grown tired of the clutter and the tedious work of sorting through many adapters and power strips to find the right one.
Developed with the customer in mind, this power strip is the product of 40 years of experience in manufacturing.

“When the team got together to develop this product, we did not want to approach it like other companies. We wanted to design a power strip that is functional, portable, and powerful. As we pooled our knowledge together, the Krait Modular PowerStrip was born. It did not take us long to realize that we have developed something that will change the industry,” shared Daniel Chou, the CEO of Innfact.

In an age where technology, the dynamics of the world, and this generation's ambitions have produced more digital nomads than ever, the Krait Modular PowerStrip seems to have been developed at a perfect time. The manufacturer considers the product to be “a digital nomad’s power companion.” They make this statement because the product can be separated into smaller parts and be easily transported. With this portability, digital nomads will be able to work wherever they choose while keeping all their devices adequately charged.

The compact and lightweight modular power strip can easily fit in a carry-on for the traveling professional or adventurous explorer. Users can modify the product to accommodate outlets in the United States, Australia, Taiwan, and Japan.

“In offering this special discount, we are opening our doors to those who are serious about staying connected on the go or want neat work areas and homes. As we prepare for our official launch in the middle of January, we are excited for the great interest that we have been receiving,” shared a passionate Chou.

The Source Puzzle
The source puzzle part is the central part of the power strip; it supports total power output up to 1650W and comes with an intelligent overloaded shutdown feature and surge protection for all downstream devices. In addition, it features 4 LED indicators for monitoring current and is available with a variety of power cord lengths for different occasions.  

The AC Puzzle
The AC puzzle includes three independent AC outlets supporting the U.S., Japan, and Taiwan plugs. It features intelligent AutoShut protection when plugged in not properly and unplugged from the outlet to ensure electrical safety, when plugged in not properly and unplugged from the outlet. Krait will also be available with Bluetooth remote control, allowing complete power control to each AC outlet, including a built-in programmable timer.

The DC Puzzle
The DC puzzle includes two USB Type-C ports and two USB Type-A ports that support 65 to 100W and comes with a 100W GaN high-efficiency charger technology to support extra-fast USB charging for laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Besides, a one-touch power switch offers instant power shutdown when your plugged devices are fully charged.

Plug Puzzle
The Plug Puzzle turns the DC Puzzle into a charger and allows the quick charge on the go. This puzzle is available for the United States, Japan, and Taiwan. Product development in progress for Australia and EU.

For more information on Krait, please visit the product’s Indiegogo page

About Innfact
Launched in 2014, Innfact is a Taiwanese brand that is pioneering the world of charging technologies and power supply. With more than 40 years in the industry, the company can manufacture a whole power strip integrated with a GaN charger and the most basic power supply unit. Over the decades, the company has focused on power delivery systems, charging technology, and designing from the ground up. They have produced tens of millions of power strips and components for international brands worldwide.

Two words are at the foundation of Innfact – ‘innovation’ and ‘factory’. Innfact can accurately be described as an innovation factory. The brand has mastered the current technologies in its industry and is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. Their focus is on bringing every solid idea to life.

Innfact will continue to stay ahead of its competition because it is a brand of “new methods.” They are constantly creating products that meet the latest needs of the market. To achieve this level of relevance, the company has a culture of always being open to the questions and comments of customers. When it comes to their customers’ usage, aesthetics, or service needs, Innfact takes them seriously.
The brand’s founders are confident about their products and operation. This confidence comes from their many years of experience and the positive feedback from the users of their products. 

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