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The computer mouse has gone through a number of changes over the years, some are designed to be super accurate, some have a tendency to shock you and others might have too many buttons for a single thumb to press.

However, the basic design idea still holds true and this chunk of plastic from Glorious is one to see.  (Maybe)

With the ambidextrous Model O 2, Glorious's Model O gets a full makeover. The main buttons have been redesigned, the sensor upgraded to the BAMF 2.0, and the weight lowered to 57 g. Furthermore, the Model O 2 is now fully compatible with Glorious Core.

Sadly, the O 2 is a design following the mad rush of computer users with no upper body strength.  The mouse is designed to be light weight so that weak gamers can have more control over their game, instead of, oh I dunno, picking something up that isn't a potato chip.

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