CES 2024: Thermaltake Unveils Tower 300 Micro ATX Chassis, Showcasing Innovative Octagonal Prism Design

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Embrace the Fusion of Form and Function with Thermaltake's Latest Iconic Release

Las Vegas, United States - January 9th, 2024 - Thermaltake, a leading PC DIY brand for premium hardware solutions, proudly introduces the Tower 300 Micro ATX Chassis, which will be showcased at CES2024. As part of the esteemed Tower Series, known for its iconic vertical case design, the Tower 300 represents a new micro-ATX addition to the lineup. With its distinctive octagonal appearance, this chassis offers both the traditional vertical orientation and a unique horizontal placement option. Available in seven captivating colors—Hydrangea Blue, Bumblebee, Matcha Green, Racing Green, Turquoise, Black, and White—the Tower 300 carries forward the legacy of the Tower Series while making a bold and eye-catching debut.

The Tower 300 proudly inherits the classic vertical aesthetic of its predecessors. Its compact footprint provides enhanced flexibility for configuring between gaming and workspace environments. The defining feature is its innovative octagonal prism structure built with three tempered glass panels, which not only lends the Tower 300’s visually striking appearance but also allows it to showcase the inner components from a wider angle and provide a panoramic view.

Furthermore, the Tower 300 offers robust cooling capabilities, allowing users to install high-performance CPUs and graphic cards without overheating hazards. The chassis comes pre-installed with two CT140 fans and can accommodate up to eight 140mm system fans for best ventilation and airflow. Additionally, the compact-sized Tower 300 can support a large 420mm AIO radiator on the right side of the case, ensuring exceptional cooling efficiency. The removable air filters on the top, bottom, sides, and rear ensures a dust-free chassis environment.

For gamers who are seeking a more visually intriguing experience, consider adding the stand-alone 3.9" LCD Screen Kit and the Chassis Stand Kit to their Tower 300 build. The LCD Screen Kit can display real-time information about system components and hardware monitoring. Alternatively, users can upload personal images or GIFs using the TT RGB Plus 2.0 software. The Chassis Stand Kit includes a bottom cover panel and a display stand, allowing the case a horizontal placement as an alternate display option. 

The Tower 300 represents an evolutionary leap within the series, tailored to meet the demands of a growing community of small-form gaming system enthusiasts. As we unveil it on the grand stage of CES, we aim to showcase the meticulous equilibrium achieved in this new addition to the Tower lineup. From its captivating chassis structure and vibrant color choices to its optimized interior layout and exceptional cooling performance, the Tower 300 embodies an unprecedented fusion formula,” said Michael Guo, Vice President of Thermaltake USA.

Features of the Tower 300 Micro ATX Chassis

Classic Vertical Body Design
The Tower 300 inherits the iconic contours of the series, featuring a vertical body design that not only provides a smaller footprint but also enhances the flexibility of the inner space. Whether Users are gaming or working on the bench, this design minimizes obstructions and adapts seamlessly to the user’s space.

Unique Octagonal Prism Shape
Designed as a distinctive Octagonal Prism Shape, the Tower 300 exudes sleek style. Its three tempered glass panels allow the builder to showcase the sophisticated interior, making it an ideal canvas for displaying high-end components or RGB lighting shows. 

Exceptional Cooling Support
Despite its compact size, the Tower 300 delivers exceptional cooling performance without compromise. It supports up to a 420mm radiator on the right side, effectively dissipating the heat from the inside and maintaining optimal system functionality when heavy-loaded.

Pre-installed Cooling Fans - CT140 x 2
The Tower 300 comes equipped with two 140mm PWM ARGB fans on the top, ensuring efficient cooling performance right out of the box.

A Unique View - Horizontal Case Placement
Enhance the system’s aesthetics with the optional Chassis Stand Kit. The kit is completed with a bottom cover panel and a display stand, enabling easy vertical or horizontal case placement customization. Users can easily showcase the Tower 300 gaming system in a truly unique manner.

Optional 3.9" LCD Screen Kit
It would be smart to elevate the visual features with the optional LCD Screen Kit. The 3.9” LCD Display allows users to monitor system components with real-time information, upload images or GIFs to the screen using the TT RGB Plus 2.0 software, and even interact with cooling components featuring similar LCD displays. The latest version also includes weather and time modes, expanding the LCD display's versatility.

Perfect Dust Protection
The Tower 300 features well-designed removable fan filters on the rear, inner sides, bottom, and inner top layer. These filters create a dust-free environment, safeguarding the internal components.

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