Tech News

  • Website Problems

    Published: Saturday, January 20, 2001 | By: Dennis

    Sorry if you tried to reach this site yesterday we had some server problems that effected the web server. Everything is back up and running now so enjoy!

  • Allaire and Macromedia to Merge

    Published: Wednesday, January 17, 2001 | By: Dennis

    Allaire the people that brought us HomeSite and Cold Fusion has announced that it is merging with Macromedia. Macromedia develops some great web specific products like Flash, Dreamweaver, and Shockwave.

    Here is a clip
    Under the terms of the definitive merger agreement unanimously approved by each company's board of directors, Macromedia will acquire Allaire. Rob Burgess, chairman and CEO of Macromedia, will continue as chairman and CEO of the combined company, which will retain the Macromedia name. Jeremy Allaire, CTO of Allaire, will be the CTO of Macromedia, reporting to Kevin Lynch, president of Macromedia products.

    When it comes to web development tools I've used them both, HomeSite for programming, and Dreamweaver for layout and editing. The merger should be a good one. Now if they could just improve the Dreamweaver GUI everything will be great.

  • VP6 vs. Epox (again!)

    Published: Monday, January 15, 2001 | By: Dennis

    The guys as 2cpu have finally gotten their hands on a VP6 to review. Plus, they pit it up against the Dual Epox board. We here have already done such a review, though I will admit that we didn't cover as many aspects as 2cpu. I suppose they do need to make up for lost time. Check out ours here and then see what 2cpu has to offer.

    These are the last of a generation.

  • Interview with Rene Froeleke of ATi

    Published: Friday, January 12, 2001 | By: Dennis

    I really like these interviews they give us the ability to see what's going on behind the scenes at some of the top hardware companys. This time the interview is with ATI.

    Maybe I'll start doing some, now I just need someone to interview.

  • Little Gamers

    Published: Friday, January 12, 2001 | By: Dennis

    Its amazing what you find in some of that spam we all subscribe to. This morning GameSpy sent me this link with the caption of "Cutie n' Shit".

  • Banners at Ninjalane

    Published: Thursday, January 11, 2001 | By: Dennis

    Well I have finally found a good deal on a couple banners for this site. Ninjalane was never really designed with banner ads in mind so you might see some layout changes in the future.

  • Nvidia GeForce 2 DXTC bug

    Published: Thursday, January 11, 2001 | By: Dennis

    The Register has stumbled across a bug with the GeForce and DirectX texture compression. The bug was found while comparing the GeForce2 MX and the 32meg Radeon in image quality. The Register claims that this is a hardware problem though personally I believe it could be solved with a driver update. Never-the-less it does bring up some interesting questions.

    Check out the screenshots at the bottom of the page.

  • Xbox News and Nvidia

    Published: Wednesday, January 10, 2001 | By: Dennis

    MSXbox has prepared an interview with he PR Guy from Nvidia. I admit I am a supporter of Nvidia, whenever there is a question about their products the PR department always steps forward and sets the record straight. No BS (that we can tell) just forward and to the point. MSXbox has interviewed Derek Perez, Director of Public Relations for Nvidia and has some interesting things to say.

    On a side note: With the release of the Xbox coming across the horizon in the near future and the upcoming release of the NV20 it will be interesting to see how the market and Nvidia do this year.

  • Banner Ad

    Published: Tuesday, January 09, 2001 | By: Dennis

    I have been looking high and low for a good place to sign up for a banner ad. So far I have only found ones like "5% commission on every sale" or "$0.01 per click" not very reassuring for a site like mine. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

  • Ozzie osboren at IBM??

    Published: Tuesday, January 09, 2001 | By: Dennis

    It seems that the WebSphere software from IBM is now translating webpages on the fly to its users. something that has been long overdue for the web. Now since this isn't really THAT interesting for all of us English speaking folk, what is funny is this..."

    ``The demand is very simple,'' said Ozzie Osborne, general manger of IBM Voice Systems. ``Its for people who want to translate quickly and easily, who can't get translation. Much of the content of the Web is in English, but population using the Web is becoming non-English speaking.''

    Osborne said the WebSphere translation server, which has been tested by businesses such as Deutsche Bank and will be available in March, will provide global entities with the ability to allow their workforce to communicate. It also will open up new markets for English language e-commerce sites.

    I wonder if the website will start jammin to "Crazy Train" if you enter the secret code.