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  • Thermaltake Armor A90 Case Review
  • Thermaltake Armor A90 Case Review



    Computer cases take on a variety of shapes and sizes and while a majority of those designs tend to be classified as a "mid tower" however the terms is very loosely followed given that most cases focus on providing the very most in the smallest chassis possible.  So what was once features only for full tower cases can now be found in a variety of smaller mid-tower designs.

    In this review we will be looking at the latest mid-tower case from Thermaltake called the Armor A90.  The Armor line features versatile and gaming centric chassis designs that are not necessarily designed for the road warrior lan party type but rather someone looking for a stylish case with plenty of room for future expansion.
    Mid level case designs traditionally are focused on value features and often lack features and build quality.  Some of the stripped options we see on higher end cases would be painted interiors, water cooling options and even additional fans.  Thermaltake has found a way to include all of these things and still keep the price at a reasonable level. In the following pages we will explore some of the highlights of the A90 and even look for a few hidden ones.