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  • Demonic XTC Waterblock (P4) Review
  • Demonic XTC Waterblock (P4) Review



    In our previous Demonic X.T.C. review it was mentioned that many of the components were still under development including the hose barbs, mounting hardware, and the Pentium 4 mounting kit. Demonic Water Cooling has been busy finishing these components and was nice enough to send over the updated components for review.
    The Pentium 4 version uses the same basic XTC block with the addition of a modified polycarbonate top that uses the Pentium 4 heatsink mounting holes.
    To some people hose barbs are hose barbs, some prefer nylon barbs while others like to see nickel plated brass regardless they all work the same. The barbs pictured here are a bit special since they are made of aluminum and come anodized in a variety of colors. The center barb also contains a acceleration jet and will need to be aligned in the block during installation.
    1/2 " O.D. barbs are currently available with 3/8" versions being available soon.
    The new mounting hardware consists of 4 aluminum mounting posts, pressure springs, and nylon thumbscrews and washers. The mounting posts are just long enough to reach the top of the polycarbonate and help to ensure that even pressure is applied to the CPU thus minimizing the risk of a crushed core or unexpected gaps.
    Before installing the barbs it is recommended that you mark a corner of the center barb so you can tell what direction the jet is facing. When properly installed the jet will be flush with the bottom of the polycarbonate and sit just above the "PentaHydro-Channel". A little Teflon tape will help get the barb installed and properly positioned.