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  • CoolerMaster Storm Sentinel Advance Mouse Review
  • CoolerMaster Storm Sentinel Advance Mouse Review



    The mouse is one of the most common products that come with every computer on the market. Still in that area only a select few build mice for the gaming enthusiast crowd. Most are just fancy looking rejects that leaves the enthusiast unsatisfied and going back to some of the big names in the industry.  With all of that being said some new comers have hit the market looking to expand their gaming portfolio and they are none other than the case manufactures we have all grown to love. One such company is Cooler Master who has tailored a product line designed for gamers called the "Storm".  This product line consisted of LAN Party supported cases and has now added mice to top it off.

    The gaming mouse is very tricky item to review since people have a specific taste for what they like that extend past simple looks.  Factors such as size, weight, grip, precision, and the software all come into play and can make or break a mouse claiming to be for the PC gamer. So let's see if this mouse lives up to my standards for being the right mouse for my gaming needs.
    The CM Storm Sentinel Advance is a normal sized flat black mouse with the contour curves to fit most hands out there like a glove. With a plastic finish that has some texture to it to allow for better grip as well.
    The bottom of the CM Storm Sentinel Advance has seven contact areas with slick Teflon to help glide it over most gaming surfaces. Then a laser sensor that allows a whopping 5600DPI which means a small twitch could spin you all the way around in a game. The laser is a Philips laser that is used in the medical field for surgeries. So precision is of the upmost importance here people.