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  • CoolerMaster Storm Sentinel Advance Mouse Review
  • CoolerMaster Storm Sentinel Advance Mouse Review


    Usage and Impressions

    Over the past few weeks we've been actively using this mouse to accomplish various things like surfing the web to playing our favorite games. Mainly being huge FPS guys we wanted to know how it stood up to the mighty Logitech mice that have become the dominating warrior in this arena.

    The mouse does take some getting used to just like any new mouse, but this one is a more extreme. Most people would become frustrated with this mouse in a matter of seconds if they don't understand just how incredibly precise it is. The mouse responds very fast and is dead on without any kind of play what so ever. This is unlike some Logitech mice we have used that have some play to them to allow for more flow. The CM Storm Sentinel Advance is not forgiving at all and happens to be dead on in terms of tracking.

    Comfort wise the CM Storm Sentinel Advance is very much like the Logitech mice shown before. Even the overall feel and usage can fool people into thinking this is a Logitech design and not from someone else.  The weight of the mouse is a little light and does needs more than just 4.5gram weights for additional balance.
    Personally when gaming I like to keep my DPI down around the 2500 to the 3200 to make movements little more bearable and less twitchy. I think the mouse gaming market is pushing too hard on DPI and not so much on just good smooth accuracy. Still this turns to be more personal preference more than anything.
    The color profiles do at a much needed bling factor to this mouse and the fact you can change them on the fly is a huge bonus.