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  • CoolerMaster Storm Sentinel Advance Mouse Review
  • CoolerMaster Storm Sentinel Advance Mouse Review


    Style and Features

    The CM Storm Sentinel Advance is a very curvy mouse with lots of appeal toward the Logitech crowd with similar styling to the MX510 series or G7. well with a cord of course. Plus the CM Storm Sentinel Advance has the two buttons on the side to allow for easier web surfing, and it is also noticeably larger than a couple popular Logitech mice.

    The uniqueness of the CM Storm Sentinel Advance is in the colors. It allows for several color changes from red, green, blue, yellow, and white to name a few. The colors can be mixed as well. With the front of the mouse as one color while the top of the mouse is a different one. This is a very cool option that just about anyone will love.
    For extra goodies that is in the package of the CM Storm Sentinel Advance is limited to a CD-ROM with the driver software, and a bracket to keep sticky fingers from grabbing your new mouse.
    Now what self respecting mouse that would call itself a gaming mouse if it didn't have some kind of weight system. Rest assured Cooler Master made sure to keep its respect with the gaming crowd by allowing the ability to add and remove weight from the Storm Sentinel. This is a very nice option, but is very limited to just the weights that are in the mouse already. So adding something heavier is meaning you need to borrow 7gram weights from your buddies Logitech or just do without.