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  • CoolerMaster Storm Sentinel Advance Mouse Review
  • CoolerMaster Storm Sentinel Advance Mouse Review



    Cooler Master has created a mouse that is truly intended for the gaming community and added huge amounts of style plus tons of customizations to make it like no other mouse in this market. Cooler Master has taken a radial direction with using the Philips laser for the medical field to beef up an extremely accurate mouse. On paper this makes for the perfect mouse.

    Now we have to look at the mouse in real life usage situation. The mouse is accurate without any kind of play what so ever. This is great but makes it tough when playing games like Counter Strike when you go to spray and pray and find you miss every time. The mouse just does not respond to that kind of game play.  Sniping on the other hand will get you some great headshots but only if you can control the mouse and its extreme accuracy.

    As for everyday usage and for long gaming sessions such as LAN Parties this mouse is the epitome of comfort.  The weighting system is very welcomed, but could use some additional weights to help balance the mouse and provide more resistance.
    A mouse is very much a personal peripheral that really needs to be tested by the user in order to see how they like it. Having been a huge Logitech mouse fan it is difficult to switch and use any other mouse on the market, but after giving the CM Storm Sentinel Advance a try I can say it will be part of my main LAN Party rig from now on.
    Good Things
    Very comfortable mouse
    Extremely accurate
    Very customizable
    Software controls everything on the mouse
    Quick install on any system without needing software
    Bad Things
    Learning curve is very steep
    Needs more weights
    Ninjalane Rating
    CoolerMaster Storm Sentinel Advance Mouse Review

    Silent 4 of 5