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  • CoolerMaster Storm Sentinel Advance Mouse Review
  • CoolerMaster Storm Sentinel Advance Mouse Review


    Included Features

    The CM Storm Sentinel Advance has normal gaming mouse software with more options than you can shake a stick at. You can control about every aspect of the mouse from the software. The one nice thing is that the mouse has five total profiles that you edit to the setting of your liking. Then say you take your CM Storm Sentinel Advance on the road to someone else's house. Well you can just plug the mouse in and bam your settings are all still there without ever needing to install the software. Once the options have been added to the profiles it is there till you change them. This allows for fine tuning of your mouse and going anywhere with it. So each profile can be set for different types of gaming to whatever tickles your fancy.
    These custom profiles also keep your color options as well on the mouse. With a total of eight colors to chose from and two different areas to us the colors at. The CM Storm Sentinel Advance will make sure you are covered in the customization area all the way.
    The LCD on the CM Storm Sentinel Advance is similar to the Silverstone Raven mouse we reviewed a little while ago. It displays the X and Y DPI settings on the mouse while the button just above the LCD screen allows for the quick switching of the DPI. Behind the DPI numbers is a symbol that can be changed to a custom image as well.

    Which is easier said than done.