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  • Thermaltake Soprano Keyboard Review
  • Thermaltake Soprano Keyboard Review



    Thermaltake has a reputation for making quality components and you can definitely add this to the list. The build quality is excellent and it has the proper feel to be comfortable for daily usage. Given its sturdy design it should reward its owners with a long life and look great while doing it.

    As I stated earlier I am a fan of the old school “clicky” keyboards, the kind that sound like a typewriter when you are using them. At first I was skeptical that I was going to enjoy this board but I was very pleasantly surprised. The Soprano does exactly as it is supposed to and that is really the most important part. Beauty and functionality are a potent combination.  It would seem Thermaltake has struck a nice balance in the Soprano. It is solid, the feel is great and the finish is beautiful. It is a very nice piece of hardware and is sure to draw comments from all of your friends and or co-workers.

    The Thermaltake Soprano is a very stylish keyboard targeted at business or home use. It has a nice heavy feel given the solid structure and a sharp leading edge. It isn't a perfect board for gaming but does a fine job when asked.

    Now for the ever popular list of Good things and Bad things. happy smile
    Good Things
    Excellent finish and build quality.
    All the important hotkeys and no unnecessary ones.
    No silly colors or glowing keys. very sophisticated look.
    Excellent tactile response.
    Scissor switch mechanism works very nicely.
    Zero-degree tilt helps ease wrist strain
    Bad Things
    Small keys tightly packed.
    Non standard key layout takes some adjustment.
    No USB to PS2 adapter.
    Dust and debris can get under the keys quite easily.
    A little on the small size for some users.
    Ninjalane Rating
    We would like to thank Thermaltake for helping to make this review possible