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  • Thermaltake Soprano Keyboard Review
  • Thermaltake Soprano Keyboard Review


    First Impression

    Thermaltake is one of the largest computer accessory manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1999 and based in Taiwan, and have expanding their operations around the globe and have products that cover a wide range of parts from power supplies to cases along with air and water cooling components.

    Today we will look at the Thermaltake Soprano Aluminum Keyboard. It comes to us in an understated yet well designed package. There is no need to have a flashy package to grab your eyes. Instead the simply show a nice picture of the keyboard on the front and use the back and sides to point out the features. 
    Inside the outer sleeve you will find a glossy white box which contains the Keyboard and a small user's manual. The manual is brief yet well written.  I was surprised to note there was no USB to PS2 adapter, not a big problem for me but some users prefer to use the standard PS2 plug to keep their USB ports open for camera's and such.