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  • Thermaltake Soprano Keyboard Review
  • Thermaltake Soprano Keyboard Review


    A Deeper Look

     As I am using this as my daily board I ran into some other issues with the key layout. the PgUp and PgDn are moved to the far upper right and duplicated in the number pad. This is a learning curve for me but after using several other Keyboards I am sure I will be able to adjust fine. 
    Gaming however did take a little longer as the keys are very tightly spaced and set a little different from my other keyboards. The feel and control was there and I quickly made the mental adjustments.

    The Soprano is a medium sized keyboard at 16.75 inches wide by a little over 8 inches deep and only 1 inch tall along the back. (425mm x 203mm x 26mm). Thermaltake also designed it with a zero-degree tilt to reduce wrist stress. The style reminds me of a Mac with an attitude, very sleek and simple at the same time.

    The shell is made from a single large extrusion with the insides attached from the bottom thus leaving the surface free from fasteners. It has indented plastic endcaps which add a nice detail when viewed from the side.

    On the bottom you will find only a simple sticker with the model number and four non slip rubber pads all made from a decent soft rubber, and they actually work and stick well to both wood and glass surfaces. There are no flip down legs to prop up the back of the board as Thermaltake has designed the Soprano with ergonomics in mind. The wide bottom surface makes a nice rest and places your fingers a proper distance from the home-row.
    I did find several things on this product that are less than ideal for my use. The most important that I found is that the keys are open underneath and seem prone to collect dust and other items like cat hair (as would be the case in my house)

    Given the complex scissor mechanism removing the keys for cleaning was a little more difficult than with most Keyboards. Although they are removable and do click in easily when you get the hang of it.  Exercise care if you worry about damaging them.