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  • Thermaltake Soprano Keyboard Review
  • Thermaltake Soprano Keyboard Review


    Inside the Box

    The shiny anodized finish looks much better in person than in the photos; this truly is a fine looking piece of hardware. The finish is a deep brushed aluminum and it is very well assembled with no visible blemishes. The keys are slightly textured and offer just the right amount of grip for your fingertips. The shortcut keys along the upper left of the keyboard are well marked and include the most commonly used items.
    I am a fan of the "clicky" style keyboards and was rather disappointed in the initial "tapping" of the keys before I plugged it in. The keys are firm but lack the feedback found in older keyboards.

    However after hooking it up I was very surprised by how well it actually feels when typing. The firmness is nice and the keys feel stable due to the new key attachment technology Thermaltake uses on this model. The keys move very fluidly, offering just a slight sound when typing.  After a few hours of instant messaging and the usual websurfing I was quite happy with the new Soprano, and quickly became accustomed to how it felt.
    Day two of using the keyboard I needed to hit the delete key for something and normally do so without a second thought.  However it took several seconds to spot the Del. key as it is in the extreme lower right corner. At that time I took an inventory of the other keys looking for any other the changes.

    The Thermaltake Soprano is quite different from my previous keyboards, in fact it is more like a laptop than any modern keyboard you see.