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  • EVGA X58 SLI LE Motherboard Review
  • EVGA X58 SLI LE Motherboard Review


    Board Layout and Features

    The EVGA X58 shares many of the same design styles found on the X58 Classified but as the LE indicates this is a trimmed down version both in cost and features.

    As was mentioned before the X58 LE is completely blacked out which does give the board a "baddass" look but also proved to be difficult to photograph.  The PCI Express layout fully supports triple SLI with a 4th 16x slot for a dedicated PhysX processor.  Of course you don't need 3 video cards to run this board but the ability is a great selling point.
    Under each of the PCIe slots you will find a label describing the number assigned to that slot and how many PCIe lanes have been allocated.  The topmost slot is 16x, while the lower slots divide up the remaining lanes in an 8x, 4x 8x, configuration.  According to EVGA all of the PCI Express slots are locked meaning that the lanes do not vary depending on what devices you have installed.
    There are a variety of power supplies scattered around the X58 LE,  You will find a 6-phase hybrid PWM for the CPU, a 2-phase PWM for the Northbridge, and 2 more phases near the memory slots. 
    Memory support is typical for an X58 and features 2 triple channel DDR3 memory banks supporting up to 4GB modules.  Be sure to install your modules into the grey slots if you intend to use only a single triple channel memory bank.