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  • SilverStone ST60EF 600 Watt Power Supply Review
  • SilverStone ST60EF 600 Watt Power Supply Review



    Have you hugged a tree today? Well in case you haven't noticed the world decided to go green all of the sudden and this even includes our beloved computers. Today SilverStone brings us a PSU that is all about helping put a stop to energy waste. The PSU that I'm looking at today is part of the Element Series from SilverStone called the ST60EF.  The ST60EF is designed to help with savings, both money and power.  It has even been awarded a Bronze Certification from the 80 Plus Program for having an 80 Plus power rating.

    The PSU is the heart of any computer system that pumps power to all of your hardware components. Without a good “heart” your components will have to work harder, fail, or even cause nasty silicon deaths. The ST60EF is rated at 600 Watts which is rather low by todays standards but is also not a power sucking 1Kilowatt beast like many PSU that we see on shelves today. Instead the ST60EF is positioned to handle a load of normal to higher end computer systems and will even support several SLI, and Crossfire X setups. With that being said there are limits, for instance running dual Radeon 4870X2’s is not going to work on this PSU..
    The SilverStone ST60EF PSU is one great looking power supply.  It has a very flat black outer shell with a honey comb exhaust area for helping with air flow. It also sports a 120mm 19-dBa fan to keep the system cool.  On the back you will find the standard on/off switch and power connection. 
    The other thing you will notice is that the SilverStone ST60EF PSU is of the standard size and weighs a good 6 pounds!  Back in the early days this was a good indication of quality.  While the same cannot be said for today it might be a good idea to re-read those reviews if when you picking up a PSU that weighs almost nothing.

    Finally the SilverStone ST60EF PSU is RoHS compliant which means that no harmful materials were used in the making of this PSU thus making the SilverStone ST60EF PSU safer for the environment throughout its lifecycle.