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  • Gigabyte Radeon HD5670 Video Card Review
  • Gigabyte Radeon HD5670 Video Card Review



    Overclocking is the process of pushing you hardware in hopes of better performance.  Many manufactures have started to offer this as a factory option for those willing to pay for a higher quality product.  The Gigabyte Radeon HD5670 is a factory overclocked card but at only 10Mhz more on the core clock you'll be hard pressed to notice a difference.
    The Gigabyte Radeon HD5670 with its large heatsink and fan should be able to handle some extra heat without any kind of issues.  So, we fired up the Catalyst Control Center and unlocked the core and memory for some overclocking fun. We played it safe at first with a few bumps in speed but later settled on 850Mhz core / 1050Mhz memory to see how much of a boost that would give us.

    Needless to say that there is more left in these chips and sadly ATI sets maximums for the core and memory clock in their drivers.  To go higher we would need to use a different program.
    We gained a pretty good bump in performance in UT3 on two out of the three resolutions. The lower 1680x1050 resolution for some strange reason kept returning lower frame rates at the higher speed. Sometimes things don't always make sense, but the extra speed helps out for the most part.
    Left 4 Dead 2 runs like a champ on the Gigabyte Radeon HD5670 as it is, but adds some free speed to the mix. Then you are able to reap some added frames to keep you sharp while zombie stomping. The gains are not huge though but anytime you can add 3 to 4 more frames then we will take it.